carolina classic truck prop brakes

A proportioning valve is a valve that relies on the laws of fluid pressure to distribute input forces to one or more output lines. A proportioning valve can increase or decrease forces for each output, depending on the cross-sectional surface areas of those output lines. By reducing the amount of pressure on the rear brakes, you will be able to safely and securely stop your vehicle. The amount of brake force that can be applied to a wheel depends on the amount of weight on the wheel. More weight means more brake force can be applied. It is important to have the correctly weighted proportion valve to ensure proper braking.

The proportioning valve maintains the correct pressure between front and rear brakes, with the purpose of ultimately maintaining a balanced braking system. With a properly functioning proportion valve, the braking pressure is moderated and acts accordingly to the pressure you apply to the brake pedal. All of this is to keep from the rear brakes from locking up during a time of quick deceleration. Stopping correctly and in a timely fashion is an important aspect of being on the road and one issue that should not be overlooked.

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